Published 23.11.2022
  1. Voluntary service is an initiative of the Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław, hereinafter referred to as MBP,  aimed at all interested parties who are at least 13 years old.
  2. Willingness to volunteer should be reported to the MBP branch manager or the Volunteer Coordinator.
  3. The agreement to perform volunteer services is concluded on the basis of an identity document with a photo, minors are additionally required to submit written consent from their parents or legal guardians.
  4. Before signing the Agreement, the candidate for a volunteer is required to familiarize himself with the Regulations of the Volunteer Service of the Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław.
  5. The work of volunteers is organized by the managers of MBP branches, and supervised by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  6. A volunteer works voluntarily and without pay.
  7. The volunteer area of activity are MBP branches.
  8. Volunteers’ responsibilities include:
    1. helping children with their homework;
    2. organizing activities for children in the library;
    3. helping children with disabilities during library activities;
    4. preparing exhibitions and materials for activities with children;
    5. conducting computer courses for senior citizens;
    6. delivering library materials to the sick and disabled at home;
    7. assisting in the preparation and implementation of cultural and educational projects;
    8. assist in other library work.
  9. The volunteer is entitled to receive a written certificate on the performance of volunteer services and an opinion on the work performed.
  10. After one month of unexcused absence, the Volunteer Agreement is terminated with immediate effect.
  11. The agreement may be terminated immediately upon notice by either party.

Wrocław, 30.03.2023                                                                            

Anna Janus