Published 10.08.2021

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tadeusz Różewicz, on October 9th 2021 we will launch an art exhibition called ”Tadeusz Różewicz – The Poet Is Present” which will be held in the Grafit Library (Branch no. 5), situated on Namysłowska 5 Street. It will also be accompanied by a virtual exhibit.

The exhibition will comprise of photographs of foreign editions of Tadeusz Różewicz’s books.

The works of the Poet have been translated into 50 languages, we therefore hope to create a most memorable exhibition.

Together with the International Cooperation Office we are extending an invitation to the libraries and the Polish Institute to join us in the preparation of the exhibit. We are asking to send us photographs portraying selected books of Tadeusz Różewicz taken either inside or in front of a given library.

The exhibition will become a permanent setting for collection of  foreign editions of the Poet’s works, gifted to the library by his granddaughter – Julia Różewicz.

We kindly ask our readers to visit different libraries during your holiday expeditions and become ambassadors of our exhibition ”Tadeusz Różewicz – The Poet Is Present” – photographs from around the world.

Bellow you will find the invitation:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Librarians

We are sending you our best regards from the Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław. We would love to kindly invite you to participate in the photo exhibition “Tadeusz Różewicz – The Present Poet”.

In the year 2021, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of a prominent Polish poet, Tadeusz Różewicz – an honorary citizen of Wrocław. Due to this occasion, our library, named after The Poet himself, organises various events to promote the work and personage of our patron.

The granddaughter of the poet – Julia Różewicz has gifted our library with a collection of works in different languages. We want the occasion of making the foreign language pieces available to the public to be accompanied by a photo exhibition „Tadeusz Różewicz – The Present Poet”, created in collaboration with libraries all over the world. The exhibition will serve the purpose of a permanent addendum to said works.

The works of our patron have been translated into 50 languages so we are hoping that with your help we will be able to create a beautiful exhibition.

We are asking you to send in photographs picturing selected books of Tadeusz Różewicz taken either inside or in front of your library.

To make the exhibition comprehensible for the viewers and to accurately embody the spirit of Tadeusz Różewicz in libraries around the world, all participating institutions need to follow the given conditions. The said conditions are:

  • taking a photograph (or photographs) ofselected books from Tadeusz Różewicz, taken either inside or in front of your library,
  • sending the title of the book, the first and last name of the translator, name of the publishing house
  • sending the logo of your institution/library
  • sending the digital version of the photograph (width 2480 pixels, height 3508 pixels),
  • to the e-mail address:,,
  • due date: September 10th 2021

Sending in the material is synonymous with permitting to its publication during the exhibition „THE POET? PRESENT!” and further usage in promotional campaigns on social media platforms.

The exhibition is to be open on October 9th (the 100th anniversary of The Poet’s birthday) in one of our library branches – The Grafit Library in Wrocław. All posted photographs’ descriptions will be based on the provided information.

We invite you to visit Wrocław. Find further info about THE YEAR OF TADEUSZ RÓŻEWICZ.

The Librarians of the Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library are sending best wishes to our colleagues! We look back fondly to the visit of Librarians from all over the world in Wrocław during the IFLA 2017.

On behalf of the whole Librarian Community – The Management of the Tadeusz Różewicz’s Municipal Public Library in Wrocław