Regulations For Lending Digital Readers In The Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library In Wrocław

  1. The digital reader lending service can be used by those who have filled out a declaration card.
  2. It is possible to lend a digital reader only after each time you show your reader’s card, UrbanCard or card in the Nasz Wrocław app.
  3. You can rent 1 digital reader at a time.
  4. MBP charges a deposit of PLN 50 for lending a digital reader.
  5. The total lending period for the reader is a maximum of 60 days:
    1. the first lending period – 30 days;
    2. all extensions – up to a maximum of 30 days from the original return date.
  6. A reader on his own or through a librarian may postpone the return date of a borrowed digital reader if there is no demand for it from other readers and the deadline for its return has not passed.
  7. MBP charges fees for keeping the digital reader beyond the set deadline in the amount of PLN 2.00 for each day after the return date.
  8. MBP charges a fee of PLN 450 for lost or damaged digital readers.
  9. A reader on his own or through the librarian can order a digital reader lent by other readers.
  10. The ordered digital reader can be picked up by a reader within 7 days from the date of processing the order.
  11. The reader is obliged to check independently whether the order has already been completed.
  12. The reader should pay attention to the condition of the digital reader before lending, and report any damage noticed immediately to the librarian.
  13. The library assumes no copyright responsibility for materials posted on digital readers by users.

Wrocław, 24.11.2022


Anna Janus